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  • Lg OLED88Z9PTA best tv ever aboujoe2 sur lg le 21-11-2019

    I am samsung Fan but the shop owner convinced me to buy the lg and explained the functions., after i bought it last month i can see some better functions and picture quality in the LG is better than Samsung.

  • Great HD EMily sur lg le 17-11-2019

    I bought this product, love the quality. When watching Foxtel HD its amazing and the best picture. Highly reccomend

  • Brilliant picture pimmy sur lg le 18-11-2019

    Magnificent TV. It stands alone at the forfront of modern TV images. Brilliant captivating picture and the price can be well justified with what is seen. The best in the market I believe.

  • Bigger than Ben Hur Brendan sur lg le 21-11-2019

    I was walking through an appliance store and my I saw the OLED88 and thought I was in Time Square

  • perfect picture mike sur lg le 20-11-2019

    not sure at first but the quality speaks for its self perfect picture & easy to use

  • Very good value RichieRich sur lg le 08-01-2020

    I bought 3 for my house. This is a fantastic product.

  • Amazing Zacq768 sur lg le 19-11-2019

    First of all i want to start with the fact that this TV is guarenteed to ruin every other TV you see after witnessing its glory. 88 inches of OLED goodness? Amazing. Running 4K Planet Earth 2 or any other BBC documentary practically turns the TV into a window, especially using the smooth Trumotion feature. The OLED panel does an exceptional job of presenting a clear, vivid picture. However, due to the nature of the OLED panel, content produced at the cinematic 24fps featuring camera panning is obviously juddery. This isn't a fault of the TV, infact, its doing its job TOO well by perfectly displaying 24fps. This can be fixed by turning Trumotion to 1-2, to smooth it out without ruining the cinematic feel (anything above 3 tends to ruin movies because you can see all the flaws and CGI.. [yes, this TV is so good that it can expose movie making techniques]). Watching 4K Blu Ray movies on this thing is a movie buffs dream and i'm only using an LG UBK80! (an entry level 4k player). If you want to show off this TV, watch anything with IMAX scenes (basically anything by Nolan) and It will blow you away... like, you literally have to turn your head to take everything in. The upscaling on this TV is also incredible. You can watch 480p content (DVD) and it looks just as good blown up onto an 8K panel. It's some serious technical wizzardry. I then plugged my PC into this TV taking advantage of the HDMI 2.1 ports and was astonished at the lack of input lag while using my mouse and keyboard to play through some levels of Portal. Though due to the OLED, i wouldnt play games on this.. too scared of burn in. The inbuilt speakers are also very impressive, though given the amount of space in the under compartment, they could have stuck a full soundbar in there. Im not complaining though, for inbuilt speakers, they are more than acceptable. Now, you may be asking.. "why would you rate it a 4/5?" It turns out that this TV cant actually play 8K content off USB, HDMI or Youtube without an external box that will be shipped in Dec 2019. It has some demos on the TV which can be played via the "store mode" but i was seriously disappointed by this considering how much LG was flaunting it's 8K goodness. Call me ungrateful but for a TV that claims to be "real 8K", it doesn't make it easy to show off. Dont get me wrong LG, this TV is a piece of art and i LOVE IT but you probably shouldn't have shipped it without that box built in or shipped with. Picture quality: 5/5 Sound quality: 4/5 Design: 5/5 Features: 4/5

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