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  • Picture perfect! Wally sur lg le 19-11-2019

    These days television brings the family together - whether it's watching the cricket, streaming content or gaming. With a household aged 19 months to 75, the OLED77W9PTA has been given a punishing workout, and hasn't flickered or missed a beat. Sounds great and the picture is as crisp as the day we brought it home. Highly recommended.

  • Heaven to Eyes watching OLED display Ravin4 sur lg le 14-11-2019

    It’s amazing purchase.. the display is so sharp & detailed that you don’t find anything like that anywhere To compare.. it’s just out of world..

  • Worth the price and the best thing money can buy! Stanks sur lg le 14-11-2019

    Typically, when looking for a new TV, I don't look further than LG. There is a reason for this...they're exceptional. Anything from watching movies, or playing games to even boring old TV, the best decision I always make is choosing LG. I've owned other TV's in the past and the end result is always 'meh'. But since owning an LG TV for the past 10 years or so, it's the only brand I turn to because I know I'll get a quality and premium product that doesn't disappoint.

  • Very clear pictures Tyty99 sur lg le 14-11-2019

    One my mate got one off these but smaller and I loved it when we where playing games and watching movies everything was clear and was just amazing!

  • great tv sam12312 sur lg le 07-11-2019

    great tv for all year round Almost all new TVs come equipped with a smart platform. Some manufacturers choose to use their own smart platforms, where others choose to integrate smart platforms like Android

  • Great product but lacking in some features Slava sur lg le 14-11-2019

    Overall a great product but I wouldn't mind more compatibility with certain file types for playback. I feel like some competitor products do this better.

  • My TV is 75UM7600PTA was not on list sharynf1 sur lg le 21-11-2019

    I brought this on 15/10/2019. Happy so far. Disappointed cannot get 7plus and 10. Could you please explain why. Other brands do. If I had known would have made me think about this brand.

  • Lasted six weeks Rupert sur lg le 26-12-2019

    Came home on Friday night to watch some TV and it wouldn't turn on. Red power light blinked slowly three times then... nothing. LG tech said the panel was broken.

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