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8 avis utilisateurs pour le LGEUA-1087-OLED77C9PTA


  • Fantastic features Smithy sur lg le 20-11-2019

    Great TV, user friendly, don't have to be a genius to work out the instructions. Great colour

  • Outstanding Picture Fitzy63 sur lg le 05-12-2019

    I purchased this 2 months ago and cannot rate the picture quality highly enough. Was looking at an 8K but I am glad I held off and bought this instead. The blacks are unbelievable. Expensive but worth the money. would definitely recommend and everyone who has seen the picture is also amazed at the clarity.

  • OLED77C9 JOHNMIZ sur lg le 13-10-2019

    Outstanding picture in HD Blacks that you didn't thing-were possible , fantastic Blu-ray picture in Ultra HD

  • Massive perfect picture!! Gaz086 sur lg le 19-11-2019

    I bought the oled about a month ago and it feels like I'm in a cinema every time I watch a movie

  • Fantastic features!! Maria sur lg le 15-11-2019

    I bought my LG TV almost 2 years ago and and have no regrets whatsoever, the picture quality and sound is amazing, I definitely got value for my money with this product

  • Quality viewing Jenster sur lg le 20-11-2019

    Really great TV, graphics are incredible, easy to use, we have 3 LG TVs in our house and all are great.

  • Amazing quality lovethebeach sur lg le 14-11-2019

    We purchased an LG TV and are impressed with how clear it is. The sound is also great and we have not had any issues with it, which is a bonus!

  • Sharp image TSotiropoulos sur lg le 20-11-2019

    This TV has a really sharp image. The features are really easy to use and also the remote is easy to understand. Refreshing as lots of the tvs today are so complocated

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