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  • The Best of The Best Bubba Goose sur lg le 15-12-2017

    I spent 2 months researching forums and reviews for this TV and the Samsung Q7F, I finally decided to bite the bullet on the LGC7 as i needed a new TV for the Xbox One X. Let me tell you that if you are apprehensive about spending that much money on a TV, this will be well worth it. I had read that while gaming there can be some image retention issues, but after solid gaming sessions i have yet to see this issue arise. Even the in built speakers are very good compared to the last TV i had as well. The unit is easy to setup and use and the 4K HDR Netflix and Xbox One X are a joy to behold. Do yourself a favor and BUY this TV.

  • Fantastic MicDaMan1 sur lg le 04-01-2018

    After a bad experience with a previous LG tv I was apprehensive about spending sooo much on an OLED... well all that disappeared the second I turned it on. FANTASTIC is all I can say about this TV. This OLED replaced a 1yr old Panasonic LED 4K Smart TV that suffered numerous problems, but one of the biggest was light bleed from the edge lit LEDs — so OLED was the only solution for eliminating all light bleed. Although the colour is not as bright and vibrant as my previous TV or the Samsung QLED, it is still awesome and unless you sit them side by side, there is no telling the difference. And the inclusion of Dolby Atmos on Netflix brings a whole new colour experience that I have never had before. I had read that the inbuilt speakers in this C7 Model were below par and a sound bar was needed. Let me tell you that the sound is fantastic for the everyday person. Loud, clear and no sound bar is needed — even while watching movies. I use my surround every now and then just to pump up the bass during a good movie, but that’s on a rare occasion. I am an avid gamer and my PS4 Pro on this TV with game mode is fantastic, no tweaking needed, just plug and play. OLED also eliminates a larger amount of colour banding, but sadly it is still there.. so doesn’t quite live up to my old plasma, but still it is A LOT less noticeable than other LEDs on the market. I have this TV paired with a Fetch box and Samsung 4k Bluray player and both look fantastic. But be warned SD free to air content looks absolutely atrocious - HD channels are great ... this is not the TVs fault, but don’t expect its up-scaler to fix a terrible TV signal. I have to admit the HD channels look a bit softer than my previous TV .. but after a slight tweak and 4 weeks of viewing - it looks tremendous! The wifi hasn’t lost the signal once, and the apps are almost instantaneous. The magic remote is something to get use to, but having previous experience with one, I have no problems with it at all. And the WEB OS is great and easy to use - with multiple ways to access inputs including hard drives connected to my wifi router. The added screen savers to stop image retention are a bonus and my kids love the fireworks. ... People who are worrying about image retention please stop .... there is nothing to worry about. If you are still sitting on the fence about picking up an OLED - All I can say is GO FOR IT!!!

  • Picture Quality Out Of This World Sgcrema sur lg le 03-11-2017

    Picked up my new C7 65" and it is incredible. I'm so happy I pulled the trigger on a high-end TV. Worth it!

  • Superb Quality Abz101 sur lg le 17-12-2017

    Purchased after reading many many reviews, the tv out the box is amazing and I was content however after calibrating the tv it’s blown my expectations !!!

  • Absolutely awesome Chutney sur lg le 27-07-2017

    Worth every dollar! The picture is simply amazing. Even regular blurays look fantastic compared to my old full hd plasma. Don't think about it, just get your credit card and buy it.

  • Best TV ever, worth the spend Chioa sur lg le 25-09-2017

    This is easily the best TV I have ever had. At first I was sceptical over spending such a large amount on a TV, but after setting it up and watching it took my breath away. Awesome job LG!

  • Amazing television! SandRat90 sur lg le 26-01-2018

    Worlds can not describe how amazing a 4K OLED TV is! The contrast and colours this tv produces are out standing! It looks great, and LG would hands down be the best TV manufacturer. Their Web OS is so easy to use and the magic remote is awesome. Don’t buy anything else. This is the real deal.

  • awesome sikyik sur lg le 25-09-2017

    perfect black, professional review after review says best tv ever reviewed. bias as I bought one but I will agree with the professional reviews. best birthday present i ever got and I bought it myself.

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