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  • Amazing TV Finn sur lg le 31-10-2019

    I've had this TV for about 7 months now, and it is brilliant. The picture quality is fantastic for movies, games, and everything else. The interface works flawlessly and, honestly, I couldn't be happier with the product.

  • First time owning an LG tv Moe87 sur lg le 19-11-2019

    Bought the OLED 55” a few months ago and it was a no brainer for me. My couch sits really close to the TV and seeing all the other TVs side by side, the OLED was a clear winner. Considering LG supplies screens to the other major manufacturers, the decision was easy. The TV itself is very intelligent, the remote (while taking a little time to get use to) is very intelligent and the ability to speak into it makes it very handy. My one and only complaint is as a long time iOS user, the application store is a little disappointing but I assume the app stores would be very similar. Gorgeous beautiful screen, everything is amazing to watch on this TV and pair it with a decent sound bar and voila! Endless viewing pleasure

  • clear picture jonnie sur lg le 21-11-2019

    Showed my friends what a wonderful television it is.

  • Unrivalled picture quality! LeeWA910 sur lg le 14-11-2019

    This TV has such an amazing picture quality, depth and contrast of colours and a terrific feature set. Extremely easy to navigate, with all of your favourite apps built in, and more available to download! No other TV on the market has the same combination of amazing colour, brilliant picture quality and sharpness and response as LG.

  • Excellent new age TV with vivid colour Lisell sur lg le 14-11-2019

    Being new to the whole smart TV concept I didn't think there would be much different to old technology but not was I wrong. I'm loving the new oled system with so much rich colour when watching HD. As for the smart TV... Its great having everything at your finger tips. Never thought I would use these extras but having tv viewing choices like Netflix right under my nose has been great for the kids.

  • OLED TV is the best TV I have ever had in my life Anonymous sur lg le 20-11-2019

    - OLED TV is much better than conventional LCD - My family now only watch movies at home without going to the cinema. We actually saved a lot of money - LG tv also has many apps which allow me to watch some oversea program with paying too much

  • Excellent Picture Geoff sur lg le 20-11-2019

    I have had my new OLED for three weeks now and I am wondering why I put up with my old plasma for so long. I watched the last season of Game of Thrones all over again and the difference was amazing. The detail in the dark scenes was unbelievable.

  • Easy to navigate Chloe sur lg le 29-10-2019

    I have always struggled with the menu and navigation of our old TV but have found this one extremely easy to use for someone technically challenged like myself- even the grandparents can use it when babysitting. Bonus!! Sharp picture too!

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