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  • Don't know much about the Technical stuff... Wizzer sur lg le 14-11-2019

    I tell ya what! I am a dreamer! I was waking up thinking to myself .. ' You know what Wizzer? I need a holiday!!!... (Nickname since I was young) Now I was really getting to a point where I was living this reoccurring life of saying it and not spraying it! My friend recommended a book and that book advised me to visualize the things I want. Surround myself of constant reminders. I took some of my funds and invested in this LG! It may seem like a holiday setback but what happened next was incredible. I turned this LG OLED55C9PTA TV on, set my fan to blast in my direction and I began to watch documentaries on all the places I was dreaming about! I know this sounds mad but I actually believed at one point that I was sitting in Iceland in my pajamas because of the crisp picture and sound coming from this TV. It was putting me there! I went from an on Square TV to this LG, so my Mind is Blown! Now.... Ok... You are thinking.. 'Big deal Wizzer!.. You sit at home in your pajamas with your LG and it can take you to Iceland!'.. But the thing is.. I started to feel it! And I started to believe it and I worked harder to finally find the ways to get enough to buy tickets to go in June! Stoked! I have been watching a lot of Cop shows too.. So I don't know how to feel about that! But again the experience form the visual perspective is captivating! There was an episode where the police were arresting a person outside of a Walmart and I kind of felt the person was looking directly at me.... Anyway I really appreciate this TV... I recommend you do your research, get to a store and check them out and buy the one that you know will take you places! Peace :)

  • Outstanding TV Kevin sur lg le 27-07-2019

    I bought this TV to replace my 14 year old LG Plasma which has provided flawless service since 2005. I have never been impressed by LCD TVs with their poor contrast and viewing angles which are not even as good as the old Plasma. The picture quality of this TV is the best I have ever seen with perfect contrast from an impossibly thin panel. I took the advice of the reviewers and set the picture to ISF Expert Dark Room. There is no need to change it even on a bright sunny day. I am also really impressed with all the smart TV options and also the outstanding sound quality. The AI feature which anaylses the room and sets the sound is fabulous. I couldn't get it better manually.

  • Excellent quality with crystal clear vision. TeZZa 1 sur lg le 04-08-2019

    I reviewed other similar products and the lg was the best suited for my needs. A very smart TV.

  • Top of the range 4K TV with Alexa and Google Asst. David Mac sur lg le 14-11-2019

    Definitely the best TV I have ever had. 55 inch suits my Hi rise unit. Picture is 4k with Dolby HDR. I have combined it with a Bose 700 Sound bar and wireless surround sound, for a great home cinema experience. The definition of the picture is so good, it is noticeable when I go to the local cinema which only display a HD movie.

  • An exceptional viewing experience. Noyce85 sur lg le 02-11-2019

    My oled c9 has changed my home entertainment forever. From watchimg 4k movies to playing xbox one 4k games. Such a wonderful clear high def veiwing experience. The best place to watch movies now is my lounge room

  • C9 Perfect blacks in amazing HDR10 MatthewC sur lg le 03-09-2019

    I purchased the LG C9 OLED shortly after the end of tax year 2018-2019. This TV (with the A9 processor) is simply astonishing. Words can’t describe its visual resolution - you’ve got to see it to believe it. And I don’t just mean “show room” settings. Not only perfect blacks; just wait until you view HDR 10 content. You’ll be astonished too. I believe that last week it took out the best HDR OLED TV for 2019. Great value for the best TV ever built (in my opinion).

  • WOW, just wow! Dean54 sur lg le 08-09-2019

    I've had this for 2 days now and it's the most mind blowing experience both visually and if you have home theatre or an amplifier that supports Dolby Atmos, you'll probably never want to go to the movies again! And in regards to dolby atmos, check before you buy this tv that your amp or home theatre supports dolby, otherwise you're going to miss out on what this LG tv can really do! Jordan from Harvey Norman Tweed was just so helpful without using good ol sales tactics to make me buy it ;-). I must admit I had been researching oled tv's for awhile and had narrowed my choice down to 2 brands..LG won! The set up is very easy and took roughly 5-10mins. You won't be dissapointed with this OLED tv.

  • Fab TV and great after sales service Jimmy sur lg le 03-11-2019

    I have the slightly older OLED55B7T but very similar, had it 18 months now and still very impressed with the TV and would recommend LG OLED over any other option, and the sound is really great, no need for a sound bar!!!! We have had two issues with the TV and both time LG have been really great with their support, even fixing the TV when it was slightly out of warranty.... great work LG. TV is realy easy to use with great features and UI interface. The TV also looks realy sleek with only a slight silver rim around the display. Looking to get a second one in the new year for the games room.

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