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  • Phenomenal picture quality armorasha sur lg le 30-11-2017

    Phenomenal picture quality after calibrating the TV with Xbox One's TV calibration feature, which actually lowers the black/bright contrast to more true-to-life eye pleasing levels. TV's dynamic contrast tends to display dark gray as deep black, which creates extreme, crisp OLED contrast without calibration but that will not be an issue for most users. Built in speakers are surprisingly good for a thin flat TV and reproduces Dolby Atmos to an extent, but a proper home theatre system is recommended to unleash the full potential. Tons of very useful features and easy to use. LG Magic remote is the best. Adequate safety features included to avoid unintentional OLED image burn-in.

  • Everything as expected cykeke sur lg le 06-01-2018

    Good quality TV. Easy to setup. Nice picture and sound qualities.

  • Easy to use Jimf sur lg le 25-11-2017

    Easy setup and use. Wonderful colour and picture clarity. No problems at all so far.

  • Picture Perfect Colin22 sur lg le 16-04-2017

    Picture quality is outstanding. Easy assembly and on-screen set up procedures. Light weight, but a little bulky for single person assembly. The remote control 'mouse' function is a fantastic feature, once familiar with using it. Sound quality of internal speakers is good for a flat TV. I run the sound through my Blue-ray Unit (virtual surround sound) which greatly enhances television and movie viewing. This is the most expensive TV I've ever bought, but I believe the features and picture quality is worth it.

  • Superior Quality TV Hughy sur lg le 13-11-2017

    A wonderful TV with many features, particularly the clarity of UHD 4K programmes. Unfortunately there are still very few of these available at present, but they are coming.

  • A beautiful television. Stolypin sur lg le 05-01-2018

    Great picture when the source is 4K and the smart features are very user friendly. The magic remote and voice control are also time-saving features. However, potential buyers should be aware that few telecasts are in 4K so generally the picture is about the same as other HD TVs. A good buy is you have the money to spare as these TVs are not cheap.

  • Calibrate EZDJ sur lg le 13-07-2017

    Bought different brand TVs all my life so to buying a LG was a big leap for me...first day was instant regret...second day after I calibrated every thing I was amazed at how good I could get the picture to look and I'm extremely pleased with my purchase...OLED is truely amazing,blackest black i've ever seen which is a great starting point to build a perfect picture all the way up to very bright whites...colour and tint needed some major adjustments from factory presets though and had to turn off all the enhancements to achieve my desired picture...HDR gaming is truly amazing with only 21 mls of lag in gaming mode,apparently...the sound is excellent and it can calibrate itself by listening from the remote to adjust room ambients..".felt" the bass in an action scene yet it wasn't loud but balanced...voices heard easily too...this tv shines when it's source is HD or 4K......brilliant TV when calibrated...

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