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  • Simply Brilliant marcus13 sur lg le 09-01-2017

    I bought this TV on boxing day. And I'm absolutely loving it. Colours have so much depth to it. Black is true black which helps enriches other colours. So far I have only been watching Netflix and get stuck to my lounge . Speakers are average ; I will still need a sound bar later Software is good ; doesnt take long to switch If looks can kill I would've been dead ; it has an elegance to it Remote is very high quality

  • Patients is a Virtue! Georges Choice sur lg le 19-01-2017

    I had been contemplating/procrastinating in purchasing the the 55in Curve screen TV for far too long. It's a great state of the art look and the perfect choice for my living room. This LG smart TV has exceeded my expectations and enhanced my Television viewing experience. It has been worth the wait!

  • Amazing TV 10tak1967 sur lg le 22-08-2017

    Was a bit apprehensive about this TV but I couldn't be happier with it. The picture quality is unbelievable and paired with the LG 3D/4K Blu Ray player makes the experience ever better. Watching 3D movies on this TV is just amazing.

  • A tv bacd sur lg le 26-01-2017

    Yeah bought it and its worth it. So I have to write something. Bit sad really

  • Worth the price Some Cameron sur lg le 09-05-2017

    Using this primarily as a gaming screen attached to a PC. Since there is essentially no HDR content on the market yet (this includes PC games!), OLED is truly the best boost you can give to your display at the moment. Not to say this TV isn't also HDR enabled. I found a good way to describe how deep the blacks are. When your TV is off, the screen is black, right? And when you turn it on, you can tell it's working because the screen "lights up" black for a moment--or at least, the closest a normal TV can get to being black, but if you think about it it's really a dark grey. On an OLED, the way the TV looks when turned off is what the black levels look like all the time. Running Rise of the Tomb Raider on the OLED, the intro scene where Lara lights up a blue glow stick inside a pitch black ice cave is jaw dropping to behold.

  • Awesome TV DD Serena sur lg le 31-12-2016

    Amazing TV with great quality picture with great features, very happy

  • Fantastic buy! Glennmor1 sur lg le 22-08-2017

    Although we purchased the 2016 model, almost identical to the 2017 specs. Well worth the price! The curve works extremely well and 3D is a bonus.

  • 3D quality extremely poor Cylon sur lg le 09-03-2017

    If you are looking for a 3D capable tv, don't buy this one. Images produced from 3D movies are extremely poor. They have a ghosting effect making the movies unwatchable. I'm extremely unhappy

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