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  • Worth the cost Armilu sur lg le 20-03-2017

    I've had this TV for nearly a month and still enjoy it every time I turn it on. It seemed extravagant but the picture quality is simply amazing and I actually find it much easier to watch because my eyes don't get tired etc. The room I have it in is not huge, so the sound quality for me is great, but I can understand that in a larger room and being used as a full "movie experience" screen you may want to add a good quality sound bar. All in all, highly recommended!

  • Amazing clarity with stunning colours Macka1198 sur lg le 30-01-2017

    This tv has Amazing clarity with stunning colours and outstanding features

  • Great Tv Andrewsydney sur lg le 12-01-2017

    I've had this tv for just on a year now and am very happy with it. Not sure what the one star reviewer is on about but the blacks on my tv are jet black. The picture is extremely crisp. I love it. I travel a lot for work and watch numerous different TVs in hotels etc. I really notice the difference when I get home and turn mine on. It always blows me away.

  • The best TV i have ever owned Lemo711 sur lg le 09-02-2017

    After a week with my new love I can tell this is going to be an ongoing joy. The clarity and colours are amazing and the functionality of the TV are great. The only issue is the upscaling on free to air catch up TV. Some of the content on ABC iView is woeful.

  • Wow adokeo sur lg le 24-11-2016

    Even coming from a HD tv this looks and sounds amazing. I should have bought the 65in!

  • Love the picture Beeper sur lg le 27-03-2017

    Bought this recently and we are very happy with the picture, sound and overall look of the tv.

  • Awesome Gezer sur lg le 04-11-2016

    All I can say is that this TV is everything you would expect from LG. Amazing. In regards to the other review with one Star , clearly has no idea what they are talking about as their review is not even this model. You love movies , gaming look no further , and i can also say input lag is not an issue either , push a button and it is immediately reacting on screen.

  • Blacks look deep purple Artie05 sur lg le 15-09-2016

    I brought a oled 55EF950T about one maybe two months ago. If you want to use this tv as a everyday tv forget, trying to watch any dark or night scene in any type of show is just about unwatchable because of the blacks looks like a deep purple shadow unable to make out anything. I did complain about this to lg and the tv was away for close to two weeks or more before I could get it back, it was a little bit better, not much. The repair told me that this is just the tv if you don't have UHD content.The tv might be alright if you are able to stream 4K or have a 4K DVD player and 4K movies. As I only have a DVD player that upscale to 4K but this not good enough. And slow internet so streaming is out. How much difference there is between my and the B6T I can't tell but they seam close in spec.

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