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8 avis utilisateurs pour le LGEUA-1087-75UK6500PTB


  • Wowwee what a tv Tcb934 sur lg le 20-04-2019

    From the moment we turned it on the experience is overwhelming! Ease of use, amazing picture, terrific extras like Netflix etc

  • Great features. Bozzy52 sur lg le 02-07-2019

    Great picture, good sound (for a 20W output TV), all the connections you could possibly need. Setup easy, straight out of the box. Great remote, easy to control. Researched in store and on line, LG voted most reliable brand 3 years in a row! Also best bang for bucks! :)

  • Best value tv! menzaa sur lg le 18-01-2019

    Bought this tv for my parents, they love it! the features and menus are easy to navigate. very fast and great quality picture for the price.

  • Great TV..Delivery ahead of time Victor Aly sur lg le 26-01-2019

    Brilliant TV, very user-friendly interface. Myer delivered the TV ahead of time

  • Great TV Sunbaby sur lg le 03-04-2019

    Great products &valued price! Very modern controls &nice watching quality

  • Great features WAW82 sur lg le 16-11-2018

    I bought this over a month ago, it was easy to install on the wall by myself, and the kids love the big screen

  • Do not Buy Ajay3216 sur lg le 16-10-2018

    Very Bad Black uniformity refers to a TV’s ability to display solid black all across its screen. Perfect black uniformity would mean shadows, night skies, and other black objects would look equally dark at any given point on the screen, and that the TV’s lighting is perfectly diffused across the screen. you will see LCD bleeding and clouding.

  • The worst TV I've owned Db1408 sur lg le 24-11-2018

    In spite of multiple attempts to have this TV replaced I'm stuck with a sub-standard picture (white patches around border on dark images) and sound out of sync when using bluetooth headphones. LG has no interest in assisting me because the picture is ok during the day, if you like watching at night or in a dark room then DO NOT BUY THIS TV.

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