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  • Amazing Ron B sur lg le 02-07-2019

    Bought this beauty a few days ago delivered today, watching football this evening. I was inside the game, gobsmacked with the size clarity and sound 86 inches of great picture and the amazing Magic controller. I installed this unit with a friend and was surprised how easy it was.

  • Easy to use Jaylie sur lg le 15-11-2019

    I bought this product at the start of the year! I love it, as well as my LG sound bar, black LG fridge and washing machine... I will only buy LG for my home as I know the products last a life time!!

  • LG TV - A happy customer. SGriff sur lg le 20-11-2019

    We have 3 LG TVs and keep returning to the brand because of the good owner experience. We find the picture, sound, and build quality of the TVs to be solid, and the units look good mounted on the wall. The menus are easy to use and have a user friendly layout - initial setup takes no time at all. The kids especially like the TV with the wand remote. We've had no problems with any unit, and would go straight to LG if we ever need to replace one.

  • Good resolution and the pictures JerryJustine sur lg le 23-09-2019

    I bought this tv 3 weeks ago and great and so cool

  • Accustomed to the modern era Akuet72 sur lg le 14-11-2019

    I purchased this TV a while ago not expecting too much because of its cheap price but I was proved wrong. Outstanding preformace, HD with great features.

  • Great value for money Deby71 sur lg le 15-09-2019

    The product is of good value for the price and considering the brand. The only issue is the heavy weight of the product which requires a good solid base or solid wall bracket.

  • Good price and picture jalfrey sur lg le 21-11-2019

    Had this for around a year and for the price and size it has worked out well for the main lounge room. All the new apps in built and ready to go even with a Netflix button on the remote!

  • Awfull quality! Kurt sur lg le 01-08-2019

    This is my second 70-inch LG TV in 6 years and now the second one has also broken. My faith in LG products has been completely shattered. This second TV is only two years old and I’ve already been told that I might have to buy a new unit... Seriously!!! Yesterday I bought a new 719 litre fridge/freezer and walked straight past all the LG products on the floor, you will not get another cent out of me LG.

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