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  • Got everything what a smart Tv should have Thakur sur lg le 02-02-2017

    I bought it 1 month ago its just amazing with its features

  • Amazing 70" 4K TV RadiumOxde sur lg le 05-01-2017

    This TV is a great buy for 70" and 4K. Viewing angle is more than excellent, you could watch it almost side on and still see the picture perfectly. The screen has less glare then the comparative Samsung TV. If you're going to use the stand just remember it is a mammoth size TV, don't put it somewhere it's not completely safe. I wouldn't be surprised with one knock that this could easily tip, the stand does it's absolute best given the size. The LG store or their apps that are on offer lack greatly to the variety and features of their competitors. But the interface is bright, easy to use and does what you need it to do. The companion iPhone apps are very basic, why TV manufacturers can't get this right is beyond me. Unless you have a Windows based device don't dream of easily playing content or streaming any content unless it's an Android based device. It's a 4K TV so everything is upscaled unless it's 4K, expect it to look a little bit ordinary if you sit close. I sit 3-4m from this TV and it looks amazing and does an excellent job upscaling, I'm very surprised. Gaming is especially good on this set.

  • Even better than I was hoping! gazza001 sur lg le 17-01-2017

    I bought this TV after months of research due to its 200Hz refresh rate and local dimming. I've been using it for three weeks now and I absolutely love it. The picture quality is great and it upscales very well. The black levels are excellent. Much better than what I expected after moving from an old plasma TV. I did have an issue where the magic remote that came with the TV worked for everything except turning the TV on and off but LG sent me out a new one without any hassles at all. Overall, I am very impressed with the performance of this TV.

  • Awesome TV Ando55 sur lg le 01-02-2017

    Awesome quality picture with ok sound. Love watching Tele now. Easy to use and great with Netflix. Highly recommend.

  • great tv Anonymous sur lg le 25-05-2016

    i bought it 2 weeks ago and it is probably one of the best tvs

  • wifi issues Richiezed69 sur lg le 02-07-2019

    tv picture is great, great features but for a smart tv we have had a technician come out to replace the wifi receiver 3 times as it will not connect to the internet all the time. if i had of known there was an issue with this i would NOT of purchased this tv. we have other appliances that are near the tv that use wifi and they have no trouble at all and never drop out

  • Great TV, wirless conection terrible. Stevo sur lg le 17-10-2019

    Wireless have slowly degraded and now will no longer connect at all. It's a shame because the rest of the tv and features are great.

  • Approach with Caution JohnnyW sur lg le 15-10-2016

    Don't believe the hype, The picture and sound quality of the LG 70uh635t 4K UHD TV is extremely poor. The screen appears pixelate and colour saturation is variable. Fade become apparent with only a small change in viewing angle and the screen develops a white hue at 45 degrees. Sound quality from the internal speakers is tiny and somehow appears very remote to the screen image. The old 2007 Sony Bravia Digital LED leaves the 2016 70" LG 4K UHD TV in its wake for both picture and sound quality.

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