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  • Great Features Craig sur lg le 02-07-2019

    Only the 1st day but so far I am extremely impressed. Installing my favorite Apps was quick and easy. Loving the Google voice functionality. Took a little while to connect to home theater (only because I was unfamiliar with menu) but all good now.

  • Outstanding quality Petaka10 sur lg le 19-11-2019

    I bought this TV 3 months ago and It exceeded my expectations. Superb quality and very easy dynamic smart TV features

  • Fantastic TV!! gooly77 sur lg le 14-11-2019

    I've had this TV for almost 3 months now and it's really good. I mean, REALLY GOOD! I had a top of the line Sony before this and I wish I had spent my money on LG years ago. Everything from the picture, setup, features, connectivity and the remote...how good is the remote!!??!! I just speak into it and it does whatever I ask. Quite simply this TV is now the benchmark not in just TVs, but in everything I expect from technology. Thank you LG! Life really is good now that I have you.

  • Amazing Picture Quality Paul sur lg le 19-11-2019

    i Purchased this LG tv a couple of months ago and i'm happy to say that i made the right decision. The massive 65 inch, full screen display, is indeed eye catching. with everything internet bases these days the smart hub/features are exactly what everyone needs. Thank you LG for making such a well build product at a very affordable price.

  • Miles ahead in overall features and usability JustinB sur lg le 14-11-2019

    I have had my new LG 65" for just on a month now and absolutely love the intuitive functionality and its awesome features. This is the 3rd LG smart TV I've had now and have to admit I looked at other brands during the buying process. But after hours of research and driving the sales guy (and my family) crazy with my endless testing in the showroom, the final decision was a 'no-brainer' for me because it was head and shoulders above the competition, for both the wide range of features and the ease of use. The point and click functionality of the remote makes skipping through the different menus much faster and the menus themselves make sense. So you find things where you expect them to be! Nothing else I looked at came close and I'm still finding cool features as I get more familiar with what's available.

  • Super UHD Lifes Good! Don't have one. sur lg le 14-11-2019

    Only had this TV for a week, love the features and the picture. Voice command is excellent and beats scrolling around to find Apps. Settings provide a wide range of options for picture and sound with an explanation of each setting and what it offers. Installation was a breeze with the on screen assist so even a tech deficient idiot like me had no problems.

  • overall Ayran sur lg le 21-11-2019

    I bought this a couple months back, Man was I surprised, I originally owned a Samsung tv, decided to try a LG and as Samsung frantic let me tell you I would never go with Samsung again! LG is overall the best when it come to design, thinness of the tv, colour to colour accuracy, gamma and backlight but the last thing is the display quality is stunning!!!

  • I just love The Magic Remote Miss Helena sur lg le 02-07-2019

    I have an LG TV in my room and i fell in love with this TV.. The remote back then took a bit of getting used to but once you get a hold of it, it is very hard to have a normal one. So... In the last week, i upgraded the one in the Lounge and i was leaning toward the Hisense but just at the last minute, This particular TV really got my attention and i am so so glad i Bought it. This Magic Remote is one great big upgrade and it will take me a while to get the hang of this but with today's technology, it has obviously kept up with it. The google assistant just makes one even more lazier to use buttons now just say Channel 10 and guess what???? it changes it for you. Crazy... I love it though.. Super everything on it and now Netflix looks even better with the 4K movies.. LIfe Is Good. xoxoxo

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