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  • Excellent picture Donna522 sur lg le 19-02-2019

    Easy to use smart TV with a clear crisp picture. Highly recommend. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Good features Jt218 sur lg le 20-12-2018

    It's a good t.v but the simplink does not always work with my ps4 and the display has white shadows in dark scenes in movies [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Wifi problems Djallan sur lg le 17-10-2019

    I bought this tv 65sj8000 in 2017 /8/10 it was repaired in 2018 for wifi problems the tec change the motherboard the wifi card and the magic remote and it giving the same problem again

  • Lasted only one year kresho sur lg le 05-04-2019

    I bought this TV in November 2017, it worked good for about 8 months. After that remote started losing connection every once in a while, and network connecting and disconnecting all the time. Problem would come and go, so I thought that it is a software issue. Now tv is barely usable, I have to use my phone instead of the remote, and the warning in the top right corner is non stop saying "unknown device is connected" and then "unknown device is disconnected". It connected to wired network, and is constantly losing internet connection. I read online and it is a common issue with LG TV`s.A $1000 TV should last more than one year. I bought all my other appliances from LG, but now I am a little scared for what will happen in the future. I will never buy an LG product again, TV in this price range should last longer than its warranty. I you research a little you will find that this is a common issue with LG TV`s and that even after replacing multiple parts the issue still remains. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Wi-Fi does not connect Romart sur lg le 04-10-2019

    I bought this TV and it worked for about 1 year then I started having issues with it disconnecting from wifi or tv would say wifi is off

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