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  • Fantastic tv Maursie sur lg le 10-06-2017

    Very happy with my purchase and delivery was same day

  • Great quality easy to use Hwan sur lg le 24-03-2018

    I purchased a month ago. Iam happy with the product so far. Easy to set up Internet connection and very stable to connect other devices either with cable or witelessly. Remote control with screen pointer(magic remote) is great and very convenient.

  • Best Investment in 2017 for us Georgie sur lg le 25-11-2019

    Purchased this on 11/6/2017. This 4K TV is unbelievable. The colours are awesome and if watch anything 4K on Apple TV, Youtube etc awesome. At that time we were looking around for ages for a good size TV got the 55 inch that would be the right size in our loungroom that we know would have features we wanted and Smart TV and a good brand

  • Great value Cozzyjo sur lg le 07-03-2018

    I’m not a TV connoisseur, but this TV is wonderful. It looks streamlined and elegant. It’s picture quality is suburb and it’s menu is easy to navigate. Extremely happy with our purchase.

  • Good value Comerford sur lg le 31-07-2017

    Bought this tv two weeks ago. Easy to transport home in the back of my SUV handled it single handed onto wall mount brackets as it is relatively light considering its size. Very easy to set up takes 5 minutes. Picture quality is great but as I am connected to a standard foxtel box it's not perfect. Sports viewing is average but that's a function of the foxtel cable standard definition output. The cable connections at the back are limited but fortunately LG supply a three plug to single plug adaptor cable so able to plug foxtel box in without the need to purchase any cabling. When tv is mounted on standard wall mount bracket there is no clearance at rear of tv for access to the connector panel not like my previous tv which made connection with tv in position simple. Remote control is easy to use and pointer works well. Very satisfied with tv to date.

  • Easy to use magic remote Knarf sur lg le 19-03-2018

    Love the remote control but you need to have steady hand. Not so good for the elderly. Great to program your viewing or record onto a hard drive. Sound is fair to good, better to have it through a good quality sound bar for overall viewing experience.

  • Great at the start Bobajob sur lg le 08-03-2018

    Bought on 19 feb , easy set up , great picture and sound , easy to use , pointer took a bit of getting used to , Went to turn on 8th March , wouldn’t turn on ‘ standby light flashed 3 times and shuts off Called lg , they said it needs a technician to have a look , it’s less than 3 weeks old , not impressed

  • Improper functioning of Audio system Siddharth Behera sur lg le 19-08-2019

    We bought this TV around 10 month before, since beginning of TV we are not satisfied with Audio system particularly the 'vocals' . In the audio system they have given more emphasis on music track and they have suppress the vocal track which is half audible. And then we have complained to the service, they have visited our home giving solution to the system, but they have unable to detect the fault where it lies and they simply said ' system is like this only' . For a few time we keept silent thinking that later on by updating the system will work fine. WHAT'S THE POINT PURCHASING SUCH A EXPENSIVE SET HAVING DOLBY SOUND SYSTEM AND THE VOCALS ARE NOT AUDIBLE

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