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  • Televisão Ótima Leonardo K. sur lg le 25-09-2019

    Esta tv é ótima em qualidade, recursos. Adorei que tem como baixar jogos nela

  • Great features Sherrylee47 sur lg le 19-07-2019

    I bought this new LG tv this month, has a very clear picture, lots of features which I'm still learning about, which I had bought this particular tv first.

  • Great features,internet ready. JWM67 sur lg le 23-12-2019

    I am renting this Tv from Standley Get it today,Okmulgee,Oklahoma

  • Compra bem sucedida Nonato sur lg le 16-09-2019

    O produto adquirido atendeu as minhas expectativas.


    This TV is one of the exceptional TV, Its strong performance in multimdia and streaming from a PC

  • I can't change my location Ahart1234 sur lg le 30-07-2019

    I bought this tv 1 week ago. Setup was fairly easy until I wantes to change my location to access my Netflix. Wow. Went into settings menu, location and that's when my problem started. I am in the Caribbean currently and the ONLY options available are USA, CANADA and MEXICO. The menu isn't allowing me to enter my location, and also isn't allowing me to select any of the 3 options. I've has LG tvs before and this is new to me. After frustrating myself and others for the better part of the week, I think I may simply return this and save myself further frustration.

  • Funciona bem mas muito frágil, risco de perda Anonymous sur lg le 02-01-2020

    TV funciona bem, bom sistema operacional, o menu principal é intuitivo, porém o menu de configuração é bem complexo, mas principal problema é que é muito frágil, meu display quebrou sob pequena pressão, durante a limpeza, e não encontrei peça de reposição. Vou ter que trocar de TV e não comprarei outra deste modelo ou marca.

  • A LG deveria colocar mais inf sobre a LG lj5500 Cláudio R.S sur lg le 10-09-2019

    Comprei está televisão estou satisfeito..só que eu quero colocar outro contra remoto melhor nela..pois o controle do aparelho é frágil e já quebrou.Quero colocar um contra remoto controle magic..parece que i modelo LG sr600 com um conector usb serve para esta tv.Só que gostaria de saber a data de lançamento.. fabricação.. quando ela entrou no mercado e não há nada e qual i nu.ero de série e qual a Gama para ter certeza qual controle remoto comprar.

  • bad wifi problem markysomoso sur lg le 20-07-2019

    wifi problem... wifi is turnd off. cannot connect to my router .

  • Tela azulada e problema de conexão wi-fi Alfredo sur lg le 26-11-2019

    O produto apresentou depois de um ano problemas na conexão wifi e a tela ficou azulada com manchas escuras nas bordas.

  • Não recomendo Flavia sur lg le 08-01-2020

    Comprei faz quase 1 ano e minha tv parou de conectar o wiff

  • Never works Kmash6 sur lg le 09-11-2019

    I’ve had this TV for a year and it has been nothing but a problem. It never stays connected to the internet. It won’t connect to the internet most of the time. It also tells me the WiFi is turned off constantly, but there’s no option to turn it on. This isn’t an issue with my internet because my other TVs are fine and anything else that uses the internet. This TV is trash. Don’t waste your time.

  • WiFi Connection Issues AMP034 sur lg le 12-11-2019

    TV has a beeautiful picture, HOWEVER, I cannot get the Wifi connected no matter what "suggestions" I try, the network settings do not seem to find the Wifi, and the message states: "Wi-Fi is turned off. Turn it on to see the list of available networks..." etc. The Wifi is working fine and connected on all my other devices. I've tried everything. My "smart" TV is not so smart I guess. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!

  • TELA HIPER SENSIVEL Anonymous sur lg le 08-08-2019

    Comprei 2 telas iguais e as duas estouraram com limpeza, nao foi feito força e nao encontra peça apra reposição. se você pesquisar na internet vai encontrar CENTENAS de tvs do mesmo modelo com a tela estourada, deve ser defeito de fabrica e os fabricantes nao estao nem ai

  • Sistema muito bom, produto ruim! Wills sur lg le 15-08-2019

    Comprei o produto, e na primeira semana apresentou imagens fantasmas, por deixar 3 minutos uma série do Netflix em pausa. Ridículo (Sendo que segui as intruções do manual para deixar o brilho baixo, etc).

  • Legs on this tv are not adequate for the size sorelydisappointed sur lg le 24-07-2019

    Had this tv for about 10 months now. It's sitting on a stand not wall mounted. TV is never moved, easy to dust around it. Still, I began to notice the tv slightly leaning forward over time.After a few weeks of this I decided to investigate further and noticed there were cracks in BOTH legs from the weight of the television. Had I not done this within a week or so it would have likely gone crashing to the ground. While I did not want to wall mount this tv it is the only choice I have now. Would have been easy to provide sturdy legs but instead we got these. Now I have a huge table on my dining room table to keep it safe, meaning I can't use the tv or the table. Looked at the cost of replacement legs, only ones I could find were $75. Unacceptable. TV was pretty good minus the fact that I could not download certain apps but all the good about it is gone out the window for me if I must wall mount on a wall I never intended to have a tv mounted on.

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